Letting Go: Getting to the after 30-Day program

Do you ever feel like:

You don’t know if you can let go of what you believed your life to be?

You think that you can’t live without the person or thing you have lost?

You think that letting go means having to stop loving the one who is gone?

You believe that letting go is more painful than staying in an unhealthy situation?

The pain of the loss, trauma or abuse is way too hard to ever overcome?

The truth is, letting go doesn’t always have to mean saying goodbye. What if letting go could relieve the pain and suffering? What if it could help you to feel whole again&  bring you peace and allow you to face the grief that has paralyzed you?

Thirty days of letting go will teach you that faith is always stronger than fear, and that it is possible to discover a fresh, healthy perspective. Coming to terms with the “after” means that it is ok to continue your life. It is ok to get through the pain. No, you may never get over it but you can release it and let it go.

I am Melo Garcia, a grief therapist and coach ready to help you tackle the various stages of the grief process. I have over two years experience with counseling, and am currently writing my first soon-to-be published book about the process of “the after.” Let’s take the journey to wholeness and grief recovery together.

Program includes:

  • 4 calls with AfterChloe
  • weekly email with exercises and the methods to get you to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Tools to use to overcome letting go 
  • stop having resentment 
  • Daily goals
  • You will let go and never look back 
  • 50% discount of Rewriting your love story 
I Want To Let Go

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